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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lacking Awesomeness

No, I myself am not lacking awesomeness.

No, you yourself are not lacking awesomeness.

And NO, Jesus is certainly not lacking awesomeness.


I'm talking about CELESTIA!!!! I don't know if IT is lacking awesomeness or not because I HAVENT PLAYED IT!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title of this post is really about me lacking Celestia's awesomeness (or suckiness, like I said I havent played it *grumble*). Of course I just HAD to delete my level 42 character (the highest level I've EVER gotten to) 2 months before Celestia came out! Now my highest is 37. & If I'm not mistaken you have to have defeated Malistaire to get to Celestia, at which time you should be (at lowest) lvl 47. Maybe 46 if you havent done a single side quest. Great, I have 10-13 levels to go. The closest I've gotten is seeing the new astral spells tab in my spell deck & seeing someone riding on a seahorse mount. So, what I (mainly on my lvl 26 char. right now) want to know is: is Celestia awesome? Vote in the poll --> . over there ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
(just in case you didn't see it ;)) The poll will be open until 12:25 AM on December 1st (get it? 12:25, December, huh huh?). But I'll try to be in Celestia by then. Pinky promise!!! you can't break one of those. you just can't.

Jesus is awesomeness pure EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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