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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Post One Baby!

Yo to the people of the world!

My name is, my my my name is: Kupo! Ha ha jk that ain't my name... it's just my nickname! Call me Kupo. Imma jump right in to my first blog. How many of you peeps out there play Wizard101? Well I got some bad new for you... the Selena Gomez quest will expire after Celestia goes live :(. Yeah, it's disappointing I know. I thought it would always be there. But hey, I'm one of the few that gets to say "Yeah I did that Selena Gomez quest that was only up for a month." & everyone else will just stare in awe. It's great that a new world is coming out, but the sad thing is that we lose the cooliest quest in Wizard101. On a different note, how many of you out there love the Halloween quests?!? I think they're dope. With the bobbing for apples and the colorful ghosts and the stealing gold from pumpkins. Not to mention the towers! I remember besting the easy and medium towers solo, but the hard was quite the challenge. So now that I have all my thoughts established, I'm going to ask you to... dun dun dun... THINK!!! It's a terrifying task, I know, but you'll feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside afterwards...maybe. My question is: What do YOU think is the cooliest Wiz101 quest? Out of all of them, seriously. I don't care if it's holiday or school specific, I wanna know.

Peace, Love, 101

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