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Friday, October 29, 2010

My blessing/curse

Heyyyy peoplllle. It's been one week since my birthday. Uno weeko mm hmm. I know almost EVERY birthday in my family and my friends. I've been blessed with a photographic memory. Weeeeelllllll kind of. I mean because I remember every. little. detail. about things, sometimes I have to act kinda dumb so it seems like I'm not a stalker. Like someone that was in my kindergarden class's birthday I remember. It came up recently & I knew it was their birthday so I just had to sit there & act like I knew nothing since we've never really been friends....

It's also awkward when I'm chattin' it up with a friend & I'll be like "Hey remember that funny thing you told me happened to you?" & then they'll give me a blank look so I'll explain the story, which really turns out to be more of a funny-in-the-moment kinda thing because they don't laugh or chuckle or giggle or ANYTHING!!!! What's worse they don't even remember that the story happened, let alone telling it to me. So I just look like a complete FOOL. :\ But the good thing that comes with it is that I almost never study for tests & STILL get a's. So one of my friends'll be like "I studied for an hour and got a low B!" & I'll be like "I studied for two minutes and got a hundred." Then I'll beam & they'll be like "Go crawl under a beanbag and die!!!!" (inside joke. don't worry if it makes no sense :))
So anyway just to give you an example of how photographic my memory really is, I'll tell you a bunch of birthdays of my friends & fam that I bet half of you people out there don't remember. Ok, here goes.

Me: 10/22
Mom: 1/22
Dad: 7/12
Brother: 3/31
Cousin: 3/24
Cousin: 8/13
Aunt: 11/23
Grandma: 2/6
Grandpa: 12/2
Grandma: 9/24
Grandpa: 6/25
Great Aunt: 10/28
Best friend: 3/24
Friend: 12/10
Friend: 4/9
Friends (twins): 10/4
Friend: 1/13
Friend: 6/5
My cute doggie: 5/10
My scary doggie: 3/3
4th grade teacher: 3/13
Computer teacher: 1/16
Person in my grade: 10/13 (as mentioned above)
Person in my grade: 10/6
Person in my grade: 2/11
Person in my grade: 2/5
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person in my grade: 7/31
Person in my grade: 10/21
Person in my grade: 10/28
Person in my grade: 1/21
Person in my grade: 12/4
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person no longer at my school: 3/27
Person no longer at my school: 12/25
Friend no longer at my school: 11/18
Friend no longer at my school: 12/28

Yeah. There's 36 people on that list (including myself. i count me because i know some people that forget when their birthday is). Good luck topping that. & If you count more than 36 than it's either because a. you have insufficient counting skills or b. I've added more b-days since the 1st time I posted this. I didn't put any names so all the "person" people are birthdays of people that I'm not close to. Of course I put who my friends & fams are.

I PROMISE I'M NOT A STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... ok maybe I need to tone that down a little bit. heh heh. Anyway, seriously I just have truly amazing memory skills given to me by the Creator & I need to use my talents for Him (although I consider this more of a super power than a talent heh heh).

Oh, & by the way, that was just my friends, family, & some classmate's birthdays. Don't even get me started on celebrities ;)

Peace, Love, 101


  1. There's 37 now so don't hurt your brain trying to get 36 ha ha

  2. oh & i forgot to say, there are some repeated birthdates on there, but they belong to different people