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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey guys! Kupo's back! Yeauh! And not only is Kupo back, but she's wishing you a happy new year!!!!! Hope you all had a merry Christmas and made out with a ton of awesome presents! I know I did! I got a............ (drum roll please)............. IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I did! Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh *starts dancing around like an idiot* uh huh uh huh uh huh *notices readers and stops* heh heh sorry... about that....... heh heh............ so what did you guys get? Something just as awesome I'm sure.

*UPDATE* Ok guys Kupo really is back! I created that first paragraph as a draft exactly *does mental math* one month and four days ago!!! (ha. you thought I was gonna give you the exact amount. ha.) Like I said, that draft was created a long time ago. And it was done from my iPod Touch. Which made it hard. To type and whatnot.

And I also haven't played Wizard101 in a long time either. I can only obsess about one thing at a time. In fact about two weeks ago that was Kingdom Hearts. And since then it's kinda been a guy heh heh.......
But in case you DON'T want to learn my every innermost obsession thought, I'll just leave it at that :).

But I still wanna know about your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/if your birthday took place during any of these PRESENTS!!!!! If you can even remember them that is...... Another fun thing I got was Epic Mickey. Haven't played that on MY Wii in a while either.... I played it on a friend's Wii and made about as much progress. Which is lame considering I only played for like 20 minutes......

Oh well. At least I'm back :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We No Speak Americano!

The title speaks for itself.

Pa pa l' Americano!

I love that song! .....Too bad I don't understand a word in it heh heh.......

*cricket noises*




Pa pa l' Americano!

In order not to be copyrighted I'm just going to say that I do not own the rights to this video in any way. I'm just posting it on my blog because I like the video and the song. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catching Up




I can't belive I haven't posted for the past 40 days...... Seriously.

Sooooo how yall doing? I been good. Thanksgiving wuz cool.... awkward silence.

Ok now that we have that awkward reunion part out of the way (you know the one I'm talking about) we can start talking video games. You now how I said I'd try to be in Celestia by December first? Well about that..... I'm waaayyyy far off. My highest lvl wizard right now is still in Moo Shu, and kinda has been for the past year or so heh heh. I deleted some of the characters I don't play to make room for a new character....... (are you ready for this?)
JORDAN STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TADA!!!!!!
Oh yes, rockin that blue hair. I don't like to make characters with regular-colored hair. It bores me *shrug*. So now that I've touched base with you peoples right before the holidays, I wanna know two things:

1. What is your favorite part about Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa?

2. What color hair in Wizard101 do YOU like the best? Lemme know!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick and Tired

Sick and tired....

Tired and sick....

These are the things you would use to describe me right now.

I know, it sucks. It sucks ice. Truth is, I haven't been caught up on sleep for almost 3 weeks now. It all started the weekend of my birthday *looks off into the distance, starting a flashback*. We stayed up until I dont know, 2 AM!!!!! & every once in a while, I can take that. The next day I went to this Halloween thing at my church (a week early, I know, save your questions for later kids) I had a lot of homework the next week & could never quite catch up. Then comes Halloween weekend & I stay up late that Friday night, go to a Halloween Party until 1 a.m. Saturday night, and hang out with my friends & go trick or treating on Halloween (yeah, I had homework that night). So that week I had a mountain of homework. A MOUNTAIN!!! Dear teachers, we have lives. So this past weekend I think I'm FINALLY going to catch up on sleep. Let's see a show of hand for how many of you think I got sleep. Don't worry, I'll wait. *begins counting* Ok, is that everybody? Really? Ok all of you are horribly wrong!! My mom has this jewelry party Friday night & I stay up til midnight. Then my friend texts me at the last minute asking if I can sleepover sat her house the next day to help with her science project. I said.... *drumroll*.....  yes. Now most of you probably think this is a stupid idea. Well I texted her at 6 B4 i was tired. So then I go to her house the next day (which was a lotta fun actually) then I come back home with a scratchy throat. My rents take my temp a few hours later & its like almost 102. Perfect. I miss school for 2 days & get TONS of homework. Now I come back & it turns out I missed 2 quizzes AND when we read & did an analysis on a 20 page section of a book AND I missed a 75-question-long chapter review sheet, not to mention the fact that I now have a bad cough. Oy.

On the bright side I got a unicorn pillow pet!!!!!!!!! Which ups my happiness x100. :)

Well, now that you know WHY I havent posted for the past week & a half, you'll forgive me for it. Please?
I would also like to point out another moral of this story. Because it contributed to my sucky feeling right now, don't procrastinate. I have a bad habit of doing that and it's going to be the death of me if I dont fix it.

I would enjoy some healing prayers right now guys. Seriously, ok? :)

Peace, Love, 101

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lacking Awesomeness

No, I myself am not lacking awesomeness.

No, you yourself are not lacking awesomeness.

And NO, Jesus is certainly not lacking awesomeness.


I'm talking about CELESTIA!!!! I don't know if IT is lacking awesomeness or not because I HAVENT PLAYED IT!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title of this post is really about me lacking Celestia's awesomeness (or suckiness, like I said I havent played it *grumble*). Of course I just HAD to delete my level 42 character (the highest level I've EVER gotten to) 2 months before Celestia came out! Now my highest is 37. & If I'm not mistaken you have to have defeated Malistaire to get to Celestia, at which time you should be (at lowest) lvl 47. Maybe 46 if you havent done a single side quest. Great, I have 10-13 levels to go. The closest I've gotten is seeing the new astral spells tab in my spell deck & seeing someone riding on a seahorse mount. So, what I (mainly on my lvl 26 char. right now) want to know is: is Celestia awesome? Vote in the poll --> . over there ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
(just in case you didn't see it ;)) The poll will be open until 12:25 AM on December 1st (get it? 12:25, December, huh huh?). But I'll try to be in Celestia by then. Pinky promise!!! you can't break one of those. you just can't.

Jesus is awesomeness pure EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My blessing/curse

Heyyyy peoplllle. It's been one week since my birthday. Uno weeko mm hmm. I know almost EVERY birthday in my family and my friends. I've been blessed with a photographic memory. Weeeeelllllll kind of. I mean because I remember every. little. detail. about things, sometimes I have to act kinda dumb so it seems like I'm not a stalker. Like someone that was in my kindergarden class's birthday I remember. It came up recently & I knew it was their birthday so I just had to sit there & act like I knew nothing since we've never really been friends....

It's also awkward when I'm chattin' it up with a friend & I'll be like "Hey remember that funny thing you told me happened to you?" & then they'll give me a blank look so I'll explain the story, which really turns out to be more of a funny-in-the-moment kinda thing because they don't laugh or chuckle or giggle or ANYTHING!!!! What's worse they don't even remember that the story happened, let alone telling it to me. So I just look like a complete FOOL. :\ But the good thing that comes with it is that I almost never study for tests & STILL get a's. So one of my friends'll be like "I studied for an hour and got a low B!" & I'll be like "I studied for two minutes and got a hundred." Then I'll beam & they'll be like "Go crawl under a beanbag and die!!!!" (inside joke. don't worry if it makes no sense :))
So anyway just to give you an example of how photographic my memory really is, I'll tell you a bunch of birthdays of my friends & fam that I bet half of you people out there don't remember. Ok, here goes.

Me: 10/22
Mom: 1/22
Dad: 7/12
Brother: 3/31
Cousin: 3/24
Cousin: 8/13
Aunt: 11/23
Grandma: 2/6
Grandpa: 12/2
Grandma: 9/24
Grandpa: 6/25
Great Aunt: 10/28
Best friend: 3/24
Friend: 12/10
Friend: 4/9
Friends (twins): 10/4
Friend: 1/13
Friend: 6/5
My cute doggie: 5/10
My scary doggie: 3/3
4th grade teacher: 3/13
Computer teacher: 1/16
Person in my grade: 10/13 (as mentioned above)
Person in my grade: 10/6
Person in my grade: 2/11
Person in my grade: 2/5
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person in my grade: 7/31
Person in my grade: 10/21
Person in my grade: 10/28
Person in my grade: 1/21
Person in my grade: 12/4
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person no longer at my school: 3/27
Person no longer at my school: 12/25
Friend no longer at my school: 11/18
Friend no longer at my school: 12/28

Yeah. There's 36 people on that list (including myself. i count me because i know some people that forget when their birthday is). Good luck topping that. & If you count more than 36 than it's either because a. you have insufficient counting skills or b. I've added more b-days since the 1st time I posted this. I didn't put any names so all the "person" people are birthdays of people that I'm not close to. Of course I put who my friends & fams are.

I PROMISE I'M NOT A STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... ok maybe I need to tone that down a little bit. heh heh. Anyway, seriously I just have truly amazing memory skills given to me by the Creator & I need to use my talents for Him (although I consider this more of a super power than a talent heh heh).

Oh, & by the way, that was just my friends, family, & some classmate's birthdays. Don't even get me started on celebrities ;)

Peace, Love, 101

Wednesday, October 27, 2010