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Friday, October 29, 2010

My blessing/curse

Heyyyy peoplllle. It's been one week since my birthday. Uno weeko mm hmm. I know almost EVERY birthday in my family and my friends. I've been blessed with a photographic memory. Weeeeelllllll kind of. I mean because I remember every. little. detail. about things, sometimes I have to act kinda dumb so it seems like I'm not a stalker. Like someone that was in my kindergarden class's birthday I remember. It came up recently & I knew it was their birthday so I just had to sit there & act like I knew nothing since we've never really been friends....

It's also awkward when I'm chattin' it up with a friend & I'll be like "Hey remember that funny thing you told me happened to you?" & then they'll give me a blank look so I'll explain the story, which really turns out to be more of a funny-in-the-moment kinda thing because they don't laugh or chuckle or giggle or ANYTHING!!!! What's worse they don't even remember that the story happened, let alone telling it to me. So I just look like a complete FOOL. :\ But the good thing that comes with it is that I almost never study for tests & STILL get a's. So one of my friends'll be like "I studied for an hour and got a low B!" & I'll be like "I studied for two minutes and got a hundred." Then I'll beam & they'll be like "Go crawl under a beanbag and die!!!!" (inside joke. don't worry if it makes no sense :))
So anyway just to give you an example of how photographic my memory really is, I'll tell you a bunch of birthdays of my friends & fam that I bet half of you people out there don't remember. Ok, here goes.

Me: 10/22
Mom: 1/22
Dad: 7/12
Brother: 3/31
Cousin: 3/24
Cousin: 8/13
Aunt: 11/23
Grandma: 2/6
Grandpa: 12/2
Grandma: 9/24
Grandpa: 6/25
Great Aunt: 10/28
Best friend: 3/24
Friend: 12/10
Friend: 4/9
Friends (twins): 10/4
Friend: 1/13
Friend: 6/5
My cute doggie: 5/10
My scary doggie: 3/3
4th grade teacher: 3/13
Computer teacher: 1/16
Person in my grade: 10/13 (as mentioned above)
Person in my grade: 10/6
Person in my grade: 2/11
Person in my grade: 2/5
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person in my grade: 7/31
Person in my grade: 10/21
Person in my grade: 10/28
Person in my grade: 1/21
Person in my grade: 12/4
Person in my grade: 10/9
Person no longer at my school: 3/27
Person no longer at my school: 12/25
Friend no longer at my school: 11/18
Friend no longer at my school: 12/28

Yeah. There's 36 people on that list (including myself. i count me because i know some people that forget when their birthday is). Good luck topping that. & If you count more than 36 than it's either because a. you have insufficient counting skills or b. I've added more b-days since the 1st time I posted this. I didn't put any names so all the "person" people are birthdays of people that I'm not close to. Of course I put who my friends & fams are.

I PROMISE I'M NOT A STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... ok maybe I need to tone that down a little bit. heh heh. Anyway, seriously I just have truly amazing memory skills given to me by the Creator & I need to use my talents for Him (although I consider this more of a super power than a talent heh heh).

Oh, & by the way, that was just my friends, family, & some classmate's birthdays. Don't even get me started on celebrities ;)

Peace, Love, 101

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia is live!!!!!!

Well, you read the title. GO PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!



But it'll take until 8:00 a.m. central (hopefully not longer) to load! *grumble* I'll have left or be close to leaving by then! I repeat *grumble*.

waiting....waiting....waiting....waiting..... I'm gonna need some coffee....

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Puerto Rican Broadway Show

So today in my Bible class, my teacher is like "Hey, I'll let you go early and have this Snickers if you can answer a question." And I think, Ok it's gonna be a question about Bible. I realize this thought is totally crazy considering I'm in Bible class. Well the question had absolutely nothing to do with Bible. The question was: "Give me the name of a show on Broadway about Puerto Ricans trying to find themselves." Which is more of a command than a question... but still. After a couple of waaaayyyy out there guesses from my class, my teacher says "I'll give you a hint: It takes place in New York. Which is of no help to me whatsoever. So me & one of my best buddies start just guessing randomly. (of course we raised our hands before we talked you silly little children!)
My friend: "Puerto Ricans on Vacation in New York!"
Me: "Puerto Ricans: The Musical!"
My friend: "Lost Puerto Ricans!"
Me: "Confused Puerto Ricans!"
My teacher was now laughing. It almost seemed like he didn't want to help us because he was enjoying our horrible & funny answers. "Alright I'll give you two more hints." He said. "It takes place in the heights & the words 'Puerto Ricans' are not in the title."
My friend halfway listened. "Puerto Ricans in the Heights in New York!"
By this time she & I were laughing hysterically. Sadly the bell rang before anyone could guess. My teacher revealed it after the bell rang. I bet YOU want to know what the play was now, don't you?! Don't you?!?
Well I'll give you a cookie if you can tell me! (not really)

Peace, Love, 101

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Post One Baby!

Yo to the people of the world!

My name is, my my my name is: Kupo! Ha ha jk that ain't my name... it's just my nickname! Call me Kupo. Imma jump right in to my first blog. How many of you peeps out there play Wizard101? Well I got some bad new for you... the Selena Gomez quest will expire after Celestia goes live :(. Yeah, it's disappointing I know. I thought it would always be there. But hey, I'm one of the few that gets to say "Yeah I did that Selena Gomez quest that was only up for a month." & everyone else will just stare in awe. It's great that a new world is coming out, but the sad thing is that we lose the cooliest quest in Wizard101. On a different note, how many of you out there love the Halloween quests?!? I think they're dope. With the bobbing for apples and the colorful ghosts and the stealing gold from pumpkins. Not to mention the towers! I remember besting the easy and medium towers solo, but the hard was quite the challenge. So now that I have all my thoughts established, I'm going to ask you to... dun dun dun... THINK!!! It's a terrifying task, I know, but you'll feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside afterwards...maybe. My question is: What do YOU think is the cooliest Wiz101 quest? Out of all of them, seriously. I don't care if it's holiday or school specific, I wanna know.

Peace, Love, 101