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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Puerto Rican Broadway Show

So today in my Bible class, my teacher is like "Hey, I'll let you go early and have this Snickers if you can answer a question." And I think, Ok it's gonna be a question about Bible. I realize this thought is totally crazy considering I'm in Bible class. Well the question had absolutely nothing to do with Bible. The question was: "Give me the name of a show on Broadway about Puerto Ricans trying to find themselves." Which is more of a command than a question... but still. After a couple of waaaayyyy out there guesses from my class, my teacher says "I'll give you a hint: It takes place in New York. Which is of no help to me whatsoever. So me & one of my best buddies start just guessing randomly. (of course we raised our hands before we talked you silly little children!)
My friend: "Puerto Ricans on Vacation in New York!"
Me: "Puerto Ricans: The Musical!"
My friend: "Lost Puerto Ricans!"
Me: "Confused Puerto Ricans!"
My teacher was now laughing. It almost seemed like he didn't want to help us because he was enjoying our horrible & funny answers. "Alright I'll give you two more hints." He said. "It takes place in the heights & the words 'Puerto Ricans' are not in the title."
My friend halfway listened. "Puerto Ricans in the Heights in New York!"
By this time she & I were laughing hysterically. Sadly the bell rang before anyone could guess. My teacher revealed it after the bell rang. I bet YOU want to know what the play was now, don't you?! Don't you?!?
Well I'll give you a cookie if you can tell me! (not really)

Peace, Love, 101

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