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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick and Tired

Sick and tired....

Tired and sick....

These are the things you would use to describe me right now.

I know, it sucks. It sucks ice. Truth is, I haven't been caught up on sleep for almost 3 weeks now. It all started the weekend of my birthday *looks off into the distance, starting a flashback*. We stayed up until I dont know, 2 AM!!!!! & every once in a while, I can take that. The next day I went to this Halloween thing at my church (a week early, I know, save your questions for later kids) I had a lot of homework the next week & could never quite catch up. Then comes Halloween weekend & I stay up late that Friday night, go to a Halloween Party until 1 a.m. Saturday night, and hang out with my friends & go trick or treating on Halloween (yeah, I had homework that night). So that week I had a mountain of homework. A MOUNTAIN!!! Dear teachers, we have lives. So this past weekend I think I'm FINALLY going to catch up on sleep. Let's see a show of hand for how many of you think I got sleep. Don't worry, I'll wait. *begins counting* Ok, is that everybody? Really? Ok all of you are horribly wrong!! My mom has this jewelry party Friday night & I stay up til midnight. Then my friend texts me at the last minute asking if I can sleepover sat her house the next day to help with her science project. I said.... *drumroll*.....  yes. Now most of you probably think this is a stupid idea. Well I texted her at 6 B4 i was tired. So then I go to her house the next day (which was a lotta fun actually) then I come back home with a scratchy throat. My rents take my temp a few hours later & its like almost 102. Perfect. I miss school for 2 days & get TONS of homework. Now I come back & it turns out I missed 2 quizzes AND when we read & did an analysis on a 20 page section of a book AND I missed a 75-question-long chapter review sheet, not to mention the fact that I now have a bad cough. Oy.

On the bright side I got a unicorn pillow pet!!!!!!!!! Which ups my happiness x100. :)

Well, now that you know WHY I havent posted for the past week & a half, you'll forgive me for it. Please?
I would also like to point out another moral of this story. Because it contributed to my sucky feeling right now, don't procrastinate. I have a bad habit of doing that and it's going to be the death of me if I dont fix it.

I would enjoy some healing prayers right now guys. Seriously, ok? :)

Peace, Love, 101

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lacking Awesomeness

No, I myself am not lacking awesomeness.

No, you yourself are not lacking awesomeness.

And NO, Jesus is certainly not lacking awesomeness.


I'm talking about CELESTIA!!!! I don't know if IT is lacking awesomeness or not because I HAVENT PLAYED IT!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title of this post is really about me lacking Celestia's awesomeness (or suckiness, like I said I havent played it *grumble*). Of course I just HAD to delete my level 42 character (the highest level I've EVER gotten to) 2 months before Celestia came out! Now my highest is 37. & If I'm not mistaken you have to have defeated Malistaire to get to Celestia, at which time you should be (at lowest) lvl 47. Maybe 46 if you havent done a single side quest. Great, I have 10-13 levels to go. The closest I've gotten is seeing the new astral spells tab in my spell deck & seeing someone riding on a seahorse mount. So, what I (mainly on my lvl 26 char. right now) want to know is: is Celestia awesome? Vote in the poll --> . over there ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
(just in case you didn't see it ;)) The poll will be open until 12:25 AM on December 1st (get it? 12:25, December, huh huh?). But I'll try to be in Celestia by then. Pinky promise!!! you can't break one of those. you just can't.

Jesus is awesomeness pure EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!